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Nomena brings actionable insight and automation to the measurement, management, and mitigation of data risk.


Ensure up-to-date compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other significant data privacy regulations.


data check in and check out

Know where your customers’ data is and what it is being used for at any given moment. Eliminate the need to forensically hunt for information going from department to department. With Nomena’s data leasing system, your organization can ensure the highest level of data hygiene. Save time and money that can be better put to use growing your business.


Intelligent Compliance Management

Nomena informs you exactly which data legislation you need to comply with and tracks updates and amendments automatically. You can rest comfortably knowing that you’re in compliance on a day to day basis. In the case that you are nearing non-compliance or a legislative amendment threatens your compliance status, Nomena alerts your team with appropriate and actionable notifications.


AUTOMATEd RESPONse TO Verifiable Consumer Requests (CCPA) and Data subject access requests (GDPR)

No more combing through data lakes to find data requested by your customers. Nomena ensures that your data is tagged and tracked from the point of collection. Subsequent consumer requests can be handled automatically saving your organization hundreds of hours of manual work.