Devin has a long history of successfully building things. He served as Director of Business Development and COO of Blue Marble Energy, where he secured valuable partnerships with AB InBev and Sigma-Aldrich. As Operations Manager at EarthRisk Technologies, Devin worked on machine learning algorithms for weather predictions. Devin is equally passionate about the technical and business sides of product development and shifts his time between coding and meeting with customers. Devin enjoys paragliding and during his weekly hikes is always looking for the next slope to launch from.


Conrad YOUNG


Conrad is our system architect. Conrad worked as an SDET at Microsoft (Windows Update) and Amazon (Amazon Global Finance). Conrad has over a decade of experience managing teams of engineers. Conrad brings a process-driven approach to team management and task execution and champions domain-driven design for product development. He loves building new things thoughtfully and with attention to detail. Outside of the office, Conrad enjoys tinkering and crafting and can regularly be seen showcasing a new audio mixer or masquerade mask.




James worked at Gravity Payments managing the sales teams for the western United States and in marketing and public relations at Vulcan, Inc. (the project management company of Paul G. Allen) before getting his JD/MBA at Northwestern University. James subsequently passed the California bar exam and is a licensed attorney. James enjoys bridging law and business with a particular passion for clearing the confusion of legal obstacles that can impede company growth. James is an accomplished musician who directed the 14-piece orchestral band in business school.


Niina Fujioka


Niina has over seven years of legal experience as a senior paralegal at Liner LLP (Los Angeles), Dwango (Tokyo), and Cypress, LLP. Her focus areas were business litigation and contract negotiation. Niina believes strongly in the need for data privacy and has long been an advocate of more responsible stewardship of sensitive user information. She believes that companies need better tools in order to achieve this. Niina is passionate about martial arts and has won several state titles in Washington and Oregon. Niina is multilingual (Japanese and English).


Marcus Morissette


Marcus currently serves as the Senior Privacy & Cybersecurity Advisor at Fenwick & West. Previously, he served as the Chief Privacy Officer at eBay from 2014-2018. He is also a 17-year attorney in the U.S. Navy Reserve.